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you may think you’re being cute “dragging” someone who has just passed away and then making rude comments about the fans in mourning

how dare you

and kudos to the people reblogging and encouraging that dumb ass behavior

thumbs up to you kysadrian

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there’s a rumor saying that ashley and zuny were both in the car as well making 7 passengers

i hope that isnt true

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you dont need to state whether you’re a fan or not to mourn over someone’s passing

eunb will be missed so much

i feel so terrible for sojung, it’s her birthday and she’s always going to remember her passing on her birthday :( let’s pray for risae, sojung, the driver, and the manager who passed, and also the stylists and their respective families

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  • nobody asked if you are a fucking fan of ladies code or not. if you are going to make a post about the fact that someone just died, there is no need to preface that post with “i’m not a fan, but…” like it’s not about you
  • yes, people Die All The Time. it is sad. when celebrities die, it is sad. i already made one big post about this and i don’t have the emotional energy to make another one. people will forever be shedding tears over the tremendous pain that comes with death. it’s scary and hard to deal with. consider that the kpop fandom is primarily consisted of young kids, many of which have never had a real experience with death before. this is scary and shocking. it’s scary and shocking to someone like me, an adult who has had a lot of experience with death—including emotional trauma related to any type of automobile accident. 
  • stop saying you are glad it wasn’t your bias. it shouldn’t have been anyone. we shouldn’t be glad that it was one person over another. that is so fucked up. 
  • go eunbi has died. this is very sad for her friends and family. two members are also in critical condition. think about the people hit by this on a personal level. your sadness is real and valid, but go eunbi was a person, not just an idol. stop thinking of her as an idol and think of her as a person. we love eunbi, we’re thinking of eunbi and those who will miss her the most. 
  • be cool. be respectful. be nice. be kind. this is difficult. let’s be good to each other. 
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"Rise is currently undergoing emergency surgery for a major head injury. Suspected blunt force trauma."

I got back onto this blog to say please also pray for Sojung because she is also in critical condition and is undergoing emergecy surgery as well.

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Not only EunB , also the driver and the manager of the girls died. The stylist who were in the car have injuries. Rise and Sojung are in the hospital in a critical state and we don’t know about Zuny and Ashley but I hope the best for them. 

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My heart goes out to Eunbi’s family, the drivers family, the LC members and all the fans. Let’s pray for the members that are hospitalized and let’s pray for everyone to be strong. #RestInPeaceEunbi

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i wanna cry

i loved her so much

i hope sojung and risae are okay

i feel so bad omg

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