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These 9 girls have changed my life. I have never smiled so much, cried so much, laughed so much, or just stared so much at my computer screen ever. Kim Taeyeon, never change. I want you to always be the umma who cares for her girls and anyone else, who has a heart of gold and whose laugh makes everyone’s day better. Jessica Jung, we love the warm-hearted princess that you are, but your sleepiness and absent-mindedness will forever stay in our hearts. Don’t change your personality, it’s what makes you unique. Lee Sunny, your eyesmile lifts our spirits. May it be your aegyo, sexiness, high-pitched laugh, or beautiful and one-of-a-kind voice, us Sones will forever love you. You have showed us just how mature you are. And how you are the second umma, who keeps the girls together. Don’t ever change, our chicken-catching aegyo queen. Tiffany Hwang, we love you for your American personality. It never fails to make us smile. Your smile reminds us that you are a walking angel, and that no one else’s smile could be as gorgeous. Your random outbursts of English make our hearts swell. We want you to stay brighter than mushrooms (gems), even after four more years. Kim Hyoyeon, the funniest girl in the world, and the best female dancer in Korea. You make us laugh with your 4D personality, you make us stare wide-eyed when you dance, you make us swoon with your beauty. You are the jokester of SNSD, but you’re the glue that holds it together. Without you, the girls would be incomplete. Continue to be our Kim-Choding. Kwon Yuri, your smile makes us smile with you. Your sexiness is a force that cannot be reckoned with and we will forever remember Kkab Yul though SM forbids it. The Black Pearl isn’t just a ship, it’s an angel. Choi Sooyoung, the loudest and hungriest girl ever. You aren’t just known for your appetite, long legs, or your voice. Your charm is the sole factor that makes us love you. Though you may be a little violent, your beauty shines through, and your dancing skill still wows us Sones. We love you our Shikshin. Never stop doing your impersonations. Im Yoona, our beautiful doe-eyed goddess. We’ve witnessed the hardships that you’ve gone through because of your position as the face of SNSD. We’ve cried along with you. You aren’t what they think you are though, in the words of the great Heechul: you don’t act pretty. You destroy your image all the time. You laugh with your mouth open, chew with your mouth open, your aegyo is cute and sickening and your personality is awesome. You didn’t choose for your position, but we love you because you don’t care about it. Your personality changes everything. Stay beautiful and dorky, our deer. And finally, the maturest maknae in Korea, Seohyun. Four years, you’ve gone through an epic change. Your beauty has developed, your singing skills are better, your dancing is superb, and you’ve become more confident. You have matured into a beautiful young lady, but your innocent ways haven’t changed. You were the first to “get married” and it’s changed you. Your sisters take notice of it too. Seobaby, never change. Still prefer goguma over men, and love Keroro like a religion. So Nyuh Shi Dae, you nine girls have changed lives all around the world. You’ve given people like me hope, we’ve found a home. Sones thank you with all of their heart, and the pink ocean shall live on for another four years, even forever. Happy 4th Anniversary our 9 angels.

Jigeumeun So Nyuh Shi Dae!

Appurodo So Nyuh Sh iDae!

Yongwoni So Nyuh Shi Dae!

So Nyuh Shi Dae SARANGHAE~!

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